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6 mistakes with furniture arrangement a designer should notice

Sometimes you can really give it your all to make a room both functional and appealing to the eye in terms of furniture. Yet, at times the furniture arrangement just looks off. It doesn’t always take an expert to notice it, as the problem may be evident. However, dealing with the issue may not be so easy without the help of an interior designer. To be prepared when it comes to furniture, you best learn of the most common mistakes that occur in people’s homes:



  • Excess furniture – this is one mistake you cannot hide. Too much furniture in the room makes the place feel too cramped for comfort. Imagine having to sidestep every time you go past your sofa because the coffee table just doesn’t allow that much room. It ruins the flow of the room and greatly limits its usability. Every piece of furniture you pick needs to have a purpose, as that ensures a functional design.
  • Wrong size of a rug – the size of rug you pick for every room is very important. Make it too small, and you actually have a setting that feels small too. Believe it or not, the rug is a fantastic element of the room that has the potential to ground the area and even create a focal point. It is essential to scale it well with the premises so that you avoid the ‘bathmat’ feel.
  • Furniture is up against the wall – most interior designers have a pet peeve with furniture pieces being put up against the wall. The main problem with this is creating too much of dead space in the central part of the room, which cannot be adequately utilised. Sometimes it is tempting to push everything against the wall, but that is hardly a good idea.
  • Furniture arrangement disrupts navigation – navigating your room is very important, so the furniture arrangement needs to accommodate this. The primary way to fix this is to aim for an easy plan right from the start. Often times the problem of disrupted flow is present when the furniture plan was rather careless, to begin with. Regardless of what style you are going for, the arrangement should reflect this.
  • Wrong furniture scaling – furniture dimensions are always very important. You need to consider the size of the room and then scale furniture accordingly. For example, if you have a small living room, you can go with a loveseat instead of a large couch. This will contribute to a cohesive feel in the place.
  • Height clearance – you should quickly learn how important it is for a table and dining chairs to have the proper arm height and leg clearance. If your room is lacking in that aspect, you will often hear the screeching of furniture parts being scratched together. This will damage your furniture, not within long.

Now that you know more about the common furniture mistakes in the room, you can better avoid them.



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